A Few Landscapes


8 x 24" Oil on Canvas

I have been working quite obsessively on landscapes lately. I feel like if I don’t “get them out” I might forget how it felt to be there. Mostly from memory and sketches, these pieces are painted in oil over thick layers of Acrylic. Thick paint combined with thin washes and visible pencil marks are really exciting me right now, I am working on how to incorporate these ideas into my portraits. Fun stuff. These pieces are both available, please email me for purchase information. Nicole@abunnyaday.com

On my breaks from working, I am either on the phone, checking e mail, peeking in my partner’s sudio or chillin with my furry kids. I will be happy when these “summer clean up” projects are over so I can get back to my regular schedule! It’s so nice though, my art studio hasn’t been this organized in years!!!!

A few weeks ago I posted a link to


little write up in

Mt. Diablo Magazine

… well a apparently I’m slow because I didn’t realize I had won a “Best of the East Bay” Award, in “Nursery Decor.” I am giving myself a tiny pat on the back, it’s nice to be recognized for something I’ve worked so hard on!