A Little Sketch

I am a minimalist when it comes to setting up my palette. A warm red, yellow, & blue, a cool red, yellow & blue, and of course, white. I have done it this way most of my life, a combination of habit and it’s just what’s worked best for my personal taste! Whenever I do a workshop the first thing I investigate is how my teacher sets up his/her palette. I find it very interesting, and I think it tells volumes about a person… a picture of my palette below…

… so the other afternoon, my BF comes home super excited and says, “ I have a present for you in the front room!”  Immediately excited and curious, as I can’t imagine what it might be, I open a big brown u- haul moving box.  Inside I find all of the oil colors I’ve never tried!!  Oh the colors, I’ve seen them millions of times on the shelves, but now they are


waiting, in my studio to be used. Honestly, I am a bit nervous.  I have no idea where to put them on my palette, but I am so excited to experiment and see what happens! Thanks BF. 

New Colors!

A Little Sketch

8 x 10" Oil on Canvas Board