Bugs and Best Friends

Hello Bug

8 x 10"

Oil on Board

I have had mixed feelings about creepy crawlers lately. There is a spider who lives above the door to my garden. Every day I have to check to be sure he is still there, safely perched above the door, and not some where on the loose. A huge Black spider on the loose in my house or porch makes me uneasy. Well I have not seen that spider in a few days… and sure enough I was at my Doctors office this morning, with some pretty HUGE bites on my leg- and stomach. I know he got me, even though I’ve been nice enough not to squash him, I think my “nice” streak is over.

On the other hand one of my most favorite people graduated a few weeks ago with her MASTERS in Entomology, the study of insects… so I can’t hate them (or spiders) too much. (even though they love to bite me) She came to CA last weekend to visit for a few days. I wanted to introduce her to everyone like this, “ Hi this is my friend Erin, and she has her Masters,” and a few times I did. I am really proud of her.