Flowers and Color.

My garden is not fancy or super special in any way. Flowers are consistently booming while others are dying, all year long- the magic of living in CA. There is always something new to see, some color to be surprised by and I just love it. It’s like getting a present every morning, I like to have my tea out here, and I like to just sit on my pretty pillows. My garden gives me a sense of gratitude. I know I am lucky to have it, along with the other things in life that bring me joy. I also realize it’s delicate and fragile, and like most things in life it will not last forever. I want to really cherish it while it’s here- healthy, blooming and making me smile.

I visit my boyfriend’s art studio about 50 times a day. ok 40. ha! anyway I happened upon this scene the other afternoon, and thought it was too beautiful!!



ROYGBIV again. I hope you are having a lovely Monday.