gabon earrings.

earrings by the amazing suzanna dai.

wow. one post last month. i’m the worst blogger ever. i can’t even call this a “blog” anymore! i think i got tired of all the self promotion, endless preening and over saturation that has run rampant in the blog world over the last few years. anyway, here i go reposting a photo from instagram. i’m so guilty.  i really just love suzanna dai. her work is detailed, immaculately constructed and colorful!!!! well worth the price tag. so drop the bauble bar, and get yourself some real costume jewelry. take a break from buying cheap shit and save your dimes. it feels good. 

  more pretty ones here:

in other news it’s september first, the first day of my favorite month. lots of hikes to hike, books to read and sunsets to watch. no pumpkin spice lattes here though, that shit’s poison. happy september to you and cheers to the coming weeks of cooler and clearer days.