kicking ass and taking names.


i do lists all the time for my work. tons of them, it’s the only way i stay organized. each morning i add to and cross off (highlight off actually;) items on my list, which is contained in a pink, flamingo themed, three ring bider. for


12 before 2012 project

, i focused on more of a personal list, (a few work related items, but mostly personal goals) and i’m please to realize this technique works just as well for my personal goals as it does for my professional ones! In fact i might do a version of this project each month for 2012, and see if i can make my life more awesome. i’m going to be crossing off a few on my


 today, the yosemite part from # 7, # 9, and #8… i waiting for reactions pictures from #8, i’ll share when i get them;)) it’s a good feeling friends!!!

{photo’s from yosemite}