my morning.

to be clear this was not my morning

this morning,

 this was a perfect fall sunrise in yosemite a few years back. news of the fire has been heartbreaking, and we hope for conditions to cooperate and containment to grow. california is thirsty. we’ve been living on parched, cracked earth this summer and i’ve marveled at greenery that’s held on to its color (without the aid of our fancy sprinklers). 

this actual morning was a slow start, i hand fed george jones (the bunny) most of his greens, and am now settled in my studio till around noon or so.


article has been on my mind since reading it yesterday. i was in denali with my dad about six months or so after the discovery of McCandless’s body. there was abundant chatter and misguided speculation surrounding the event. i thought about the story, the young man and the reality of an over romanticized wilderness (or not romanticized, in chris’s case) for years after, reading john krakauer’s


as soon as it was published. now 21 years after his death we are finally getting the why and how answer… a redemption of sorts, not that he ever really need one.