New Jewels!

For the past few months I have been taking a jewelry fabrication class. It ended yesterday, and here are a few of the results that I’m really excited about! A Drusy Chalcedony Ring, which I am wearing right now!!! A Drusy Chalcedony Cuff Bracelet, and a Polar Bear Pendant Necklace. The Polar Bear Necklace will initially be available by pre- order only, orders will be shipped out in January. The necklace is hand cut out of Sterling Silver, finished with a lovely matte texture and strung on a adjustable silver chain. $ 170.00 Pre- order yours


. I have also been a bit obsessed with pearls lately, I think it might be Sex and the City inspired, at any rate, I’ve been stringing them like a mad woman. The ones above are hand knotted with purple silk.