nicoise salad



when i was a college girl i quote, unquote “kept sweaters in my stove.” it wasn’t until i started my new life in ca did i attempt to put meals together… and …gasp-the horror… cook! somehow i had convinced myself cooking was beneath me, i know that sounds awful, but i’m being very honest here. oh how wrong i was! now i can’t imagine a life not preparing home cooked meals for the people i love, it’s become a joy, a part of my creative habit. the above little french salad was my first attempt ever at cooking. back in 2002, i burnt the tuna, the boiled eggs were runny, and my “blanched” green beans were more soggy than crisp… i can now make this dish in my sleep, and even prepare a homemade creamy ranch to accompany the bold flavors known for this dish. click here for a flurry of nicoise choices! bon appetit!