orange sherbet.


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hey kids it’s saturday and i’m nursing some mat burned elbows from a yoga class that was apparently beyond my skill level… at least for my skill level for today.

at any rate,  i wanted to take a sec and say a big thanks! to the crazies who still read/look at my blog!! i honestly have a love hate relationship with technology (the internet). i love it because i can share work, and sell work from just about anywhere, i’ve met some really rad chicks, both virtually and for real, and it’s a great place to visit during a creative slump. i  hate it because it’s distracting, sometimes shallow and sometimes downright creepy. that being said, i’m at a place right now where it doesn’t bother me so much, and i find as long as i read books, see friends in person and find time to travel beyond the photos that inspire the trips, i’m totally ok with it. i’m even really liking it.

 i’ve blogged about spike the punch before, it’s run by a totally sweet girl, who make even sweeter necklaces. i feel good about supporting business like hers, i try to whenever i can.

have a great weekend!