past paintings.

this last week i’ve been searching for photos of any and all jewelry i’ve made in the last eight years. there’s a lot of photos.  it’s become quite the project, and i wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotion that came along with the remembrance of each necklace, bead and stone. they’re extensions of my heart, same as the above montage of totally random paintings.  
i was working (cleaning & organizing) in the basement today and started to tackle my painting storage room. these are works from high school, college and so on. it was overwhelming. i sat for an hour or so before i moved a single thing, then proceeded to arrange them by size, stopping at each painting and remembering. every. little. thing. so many details about my life surrounding the time during which each piece was created. i silently thanked them for being bad, not too bad, poorly executed and painted with the kind of hand i dream of. they were all part of a larger process to become a painter. i’ve needed them all to become the kind of artist i want to be, or hope to be. i’m not done yet, with the organizing or the painting.