taco party.

we have some sort of taco dish a few times a week at my house. the staples of this meal are homemade tortillas, and a tangy, lime cashew cream. these corn tortillas are super easy to make, and really taste so much better than the store bought variety. start with about a cup of

masa harina

, ¾ cup of really hot water, and a dash of sea salt. mix together, and form into about 5-6 small balls, flatten with a

tortilla press

, (a press makes the process even easier, just place your dough between two pieces of wax paper and press.) and grill on a hot griddle with no oil. the trick is to cook them while the mix is still warm, and to also serve them warm. for the cashew cream try 

this recipe

as a base. use a little less water than he suggests, to have a thicker cream. then add lime juice to taste, or whatever else strikes your fancy. that’s the beauty of this stuff, it’s a rich delicious base for lots of additional flavors. other ingredients i’ve added; chopped cilantro, chopped basil, hot sauce, pineapple juice, tarragon… it’s really up to you! last night i broiled tilapia, and served it with generous amounts of tomato, avocado and the staple ingredients. enjoy!