sunny holiday.

I feel sad. I know it’s a temporary feeling, but the house is so quiet tonight after being filled to the brim for the past seven days. I am thankful for my family; brothers, sisters, uncles- the ones who were here at the beach with me for the holiday, and the ones I wished were here.

i love you.

I am going to bed early, and getting back to


bright and early tomorrow morning. How was your holiday?

Week in Pictures

Jason took this photo, I love how the fireworks mimic the shape of the palm.

I had a wicked allergy attack after this was taken.

a plate of maki sushi, it was gooood.

a table in my studio. I like to drink hot chocolate out of that little tea cup.

some of my favorite books in my florida studio. One of the BEST (and entertaining) art history books,

Art: A New History

by Paul Johnson and

Tricia Guild Pattern

provides me with endless inspiration.

Magenta and Lime Green

Had some time out and about with this lovely girl yesterday. Thanks for getting me out of my studio Ayse!

Lime green and Magenta.

More lime green.

A pile of plush characters to paint.

Today was busy, and stressful. These colorful photos cleared my brain! I’m off to get started on dinner, I’m making sauce- to go with what I don’t know yet, but I’m really in the mood for homemade tomato sauce. ;)

Flowers and Color.

My garden is not fancy or super special in any way. Flowers are consistently booming while others are dying, all year long- the magic of living in CA. There is always something new to see, some color to be surprised by and I just love it. It’s like getting a present every morning, I like to have my tea out here, and I like to just sit on my pretty pillows. My garden gives me a sense of gratitude. I know I am lucky to have it, along with the other things in life that bring me joy. I also realize it’s delicate and fragile, and like most things in life it will not last forever. I want to really cherish it while it’s here- healthy, blooming and making me smile.

I visit my boyfriend’s art studio about 50 times a day. ok 40. ha! anyway I happened upon this scene the other afternoon, and thought it was too beautiful!!



ROYGBIV again. I hope you are having a lovely Monday.


I call them Maxi dresses, my partner calls them muumuu’s . Whatever you call them, they are chic, colorful and comfortable! I wear these a lot in winter, around the house and layered with sweaters and leggings… and in the summer? I would like to live in them. Here are a few I think are







at the








A.L.C. at










A piece of art by Matthew Williamson at

Net- A - Porter


Rachel Pally “Aphrodite” at