daily paintings and sketches.

my first blog ever, a bunny a day was a collection of daily paintings. these were portraits similar to the ones i do now but the style was undeveloped and i pushed too hard, such that it became quantity over quality. (which i believe is a valid argument against the daily painting movement.)  i did learn how to paint through that project though, so i suppose that’s of value. anyway, what i missed about that practice was the same thing i didn’t like about it… the constant creating. there was also the noticeable improvement each day, the healthy habit painting became, and lastly the idea that anyone around the world could become a collector of my paintings in a monetarily reasonable way. for all these reasons and the ease of use the instagram platform has afforded me, i’ve decided to start it up again. this time around i’m being more reasonable with my expectations and experimenting more. (as in not just portraits)  if you’d like to follow along you can follow the istagram feed, or visit my website where i will be listing them for purchase. each painting is $99, and they vary in size from 2.5 x 3.5 “ to 5 x 7”. (i’m still in the process of adding them to my site, i’ll hopefully be done this afternoon:) cheers!!