my grandpa.

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today is my birthday. this is my grandpa Joe, and he’s one of my most favorite people on the planet. I love to make him laugh, and always have. he’s the same and his favorite opening line is,” Christ Niki, you wouldn’t believe…” Then insert some usually outrageous, hilarious experience he’s recently had at some box chain store. He doesn’t hold back and it’s just the best. He’s 90, and not feeling the best right now. for my birthday I’d love for you to share the most ridiculous experience you’ve ever had at a big box chain store. (think target, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.) I am going to compile them and read them to him next week when I am in upstate NY. Thank you. and if shit’s cray and you feel more comfortable sharing anonymously, feel free to do so in the comments below. Comment your story, email, insta, whatever. THANK YOU.



sunset 🌅 on a perfect day at the beach. we were celebrating my friends birthday with subs and mojitos. we made mini rocky rhode candy bars, which were really good and to easy to eat😳. 


A rainbow 🌈 of taffy.


close up. 


more taffy🍬🍬 #scenesfromastudio


simple summer makeup, I'll do a post on neon soon listing my favorite products🤗 


...and an actual new post on neon! Crazy 😜 I know. sup with you guys? 

80's baby.

my mom is basically awesome. she proved this status yet again when i was home last week. she pulled out a box from her basement that contained my most prized past friends. they had been hiding, seemingly long forgotten, but now have been brought back to life! i am really excited to paint them. i was surprised how emotional i became after seeing them again after all these years. it reminded my why i've been drawn to paint this type of subject matter; our bond to objects can be very powerful and is worthy of exploring. 

happy new year!


my biggest resolution this year was to get outside more. to just get in the water and get to the beach. it was a successful week! i fell twice, once onto my paddle board, but somehow didn’t fall in the water that time, just onto the board, and once headfirst into the water while trying to get into my kayak… like a total amateur. but honestly it all felt great. i tried paddle board yoga (in a group class) for the second time, as the first was pretty much a fail even though i had fun, and i came away with the same feelings i had after my initial class; i’m not sure yoga was intended to be practiced on a paddle board. just my opinion.


happy new year!