my best childhood (and adulthood) friend came to visit me in Montana last week. she came with her sweet family and we had the best time. we shot guns, went for hikes, cooked good food, drank and drank some more, and talked- about everything under the sun. it was heaven, my only regret was my total failure on the going-to-the-sun road. i got sick to my stomach and couldn’t even look out the window. major fail.

erin and scarlet buffalo.

nic and erin

i love this girl. and her new


is a super fun read(even if you are not dining out in indy- and if you are well,  f&*%% yeah, you’ll get some great recommendations!!!)  it’s already ranked #10 on

urban spoon indianapolis!

!!i really excited to see where it takes her… in other news i’ve been tinkering around with

scarlet buffalo

.com (as usual) an i think it’s looking pretty sweet!  

*photo from her wedding weekend in



importance of friends and family

i went home to upstate ny last month to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of one of my best friends. it was a fun filled weekend of bachelorette type activities, ending with a brunch style bridal shower. it was too much fun, i love this girl!! my little sister got married that same week, and i helped another bf decide on her bridesmaids dresses, all that and i met my new nephew! some weeks are just too precious to believe. whew.


we’ve caused trouble together since nugget-hood.


treats from the bridal shower.


the beautiful bride

xo Nicole