my best childhood (and adulthood) friend came to visit me in Montana last week. she came with her sweet family and we had the best time. we shot guns, went for hikes, cooked good food, drank and drank some more, and talked- about everything under the sun. it was heaven, my only regret was my total failure on the going-to-the-sun road. i got sick to my stomach and couldn’t even look out the window. major fail.

the mountains.

{from a recent trip to the mountains}

i’ve started up classes recently to finish my degree in art history and am still getting used to my new schedule. i hope to return to regular painting hours soon! i spent the better part of october in the mountains, and found it was easy to get work done in a super isolated environment. now being back in the real world, distractions prove to be overwhelming :)  as usual i need to work on balancing my time; it’s important because i have so many of these drawings to paint!! have a nice monday!