trip upstate.

you can’t tell the difference between us in baby pictures. 
it helps to know your early 80’s vs. early 90’s fashion and hair styles, then it’s clear who’s who. 

 "the kids,“ the beautiful bride (and reason for my trip) and one of my favorite uncles.

 although i didn’t know it at the time, my brother happened to marry one of my very best friends. 
thanks for the solid bro.

these guys make even the most mundane activities exciting and fun. (they’re also great little baseball players)

two of my favorite faces in one photo. and cousin love. (aren’t they so freaking cute????)

here my brother is making a time honored family "face,” i’m just so proud.

i was lucky enough to join my family in upstate NY last week to celebrate my little cousins wedding. it was one of the fun-nest gatherings in recent memory, and such a fabulous wedding. here are just a few photos from the trip. i just love these people so much. stay tunes for some paintings inspired by this trip. i had a serious eureka moment.