I returned a few days ago from a long overdue trip to upstate NY. My family resides there, and I miss them too much all the time, so going home it one of my FAVorite things to do! My pups stayed with the boyfriend who was working in the Chophouse (music studio) the whole time I was home- 7 days, the longest time away in years!!!

Letchworth State Park , Upstate NY. Positively Gorgeous! My pictures are amateur, but you get the idea!

My Big, Little brother and his girlfriend, they are a very sweet couple!

Siblings ;)

Do you see the double Rainbow?

We visited our friend’s ranch in N. Cal a few weeks ago, it was heavenly…

Hiking in N. Cal, amongst the Oaks!

Making friends, with of course… dogs!

A Barred Owl, our friend rescued him.

He was a fluffy feather ball, and I wanted to take him home…

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far, I am excited to catch up on my favorite blogs today, and see what you all are up to! Cheers!